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  • Oracle ADF and Virtual Private Database

    As you probably know, Oracle ADF is a complete JEE application development framework from Oracle. It is targetted at companies that already have an Oracle Database and perhaps legacy applications developed with Oracle’s “Forms” technology. The client I’m working for at the moment is such a company, and we’re developing an application in ADF that is going to replace (a part of) their Forms application eventually.

    One would expect a framework designed by Oracle for use with an Oracle database to have excellent support for specific features of the Oracle database. For a lot of features this is true, but at my client’s, we were unlucky to have chosen to use a database feature that is not supported that well in ADF. That is “out of the box”. Wit a lot of “trial and error” and some help from some experts at the forum on Oracle’s Technology Network, I managed to get it working. Read on to find out what problems I encountered and how I solved them.

  • Article published in Dutch Java Magazine

    The Dutch Java Magazine today published an article (in Dutch) written by me about EclipseLink. I wrote it a couple of months ago after I had some good experiences with EclipseLink at a client.

    Unfortunately, some errors were introduced during the layout process of the magazine. In particular, the formatting of the code examples is lost and the references disappeared. Therefore, I decided to publish the original text via this website. The article can be downloaded here. (As mentioned, it’s in Dutch… You can also view the PDF online vai PdfMeNot.com.) For your convenience, the references used in the article can also be found on a special delicious.com page I created for that purpose.