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  • Developing Java software on a Mac: text editing

    For the largest part of the Java development work, you use of course an IDE. As I mentioned in the previous article in this series, the major IDEs, such as Eclipse and NetBeans, run on a Mac without problems. But apart from an IDE, a lightweight but capable stand alone text editor comes in handy quite often. Of course OS X comes with TextEdit, that is comparable to WordPad on Windows. It’s a simple word processor with the capability to edit plain text files. It can do the job, but it lacks some programming-oriented features.

    So I started looking for an additional text editor. Since I use such an editor only as additional tool besides my IDE, I’m not willing to pay (much) for it. On Windows, there is a plethora of free or cheap text editors available and although the number is lower, there are quite a few good options for the Mac as well. I picked a few for evaluation…