Coming up: ExtVal session @ J-Fall conference

I’ll be speaking about MyFaces ExtVal at next week’s J-Fall conference in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. J-Fall is the most important Java conference in The Netherlands, organized by the Dutch Java User Group, NLJUG. As always, the J-Fall program is packed with interesting talks, including some by internationally recognized speakers. The J-Fall is a one-day conference, this year at Wednesday, November 3rd.

As said, my talk will be about ExtVal, a validation framework for declarative, annotation-based validation in Java EE projects using JSF. ExtVal can use standard JPA and JSR 303 annotations, as well as custom ExtVal annotations. All annotations can be placed in the Model layer of an application, eliminating the need to break the DRY principle by repeating validation code in the View layer.

My talk will be a good starting point for those who want to start using ExtVal or want to evaluate it. I will cover basic configuration (which is really easy) and several simple and more advanced usage scenarios. Of course a demo is part of the talk. I will use Java EE 6 during the demo, including JSF 2.0 and JSR 303 Bean Validation. But ExtVal is also perfectly suited for use in Java EE 5 environments with JSF 1.2, as is covered in chapter 10 of my book.

My talk is in the “early bird” time slot, starting at 8 in the morning. Registration for the conference is open from 7:30. This gives you the opportunity to arrive before the traffic gets too busy. There will be a prize draw during my talk. Five attendees will win a free ebook! And for those who don’t win, I’ll have a nice surprise to cheer them up! So… see you in Nijkerk!

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  1. Hi Bart,

    I started looking at ExtVal and it offers quite a bit from the standard validation that is included in JSR 303. It all works very nicely. I was wondering if you knew if this can work within the EJB tier via a ValidationFactory.

    At this point it appear to only get automatically invoked from within JSF 2.0. I ask because it would be nice to use the same exact validation in the EJB tier if for example an non JSF client (Java SE) calls an EJB.


  2. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your comment. AFAIK, ExtVal is created especially for validation in the View tier. I don't think you can (and should) use it for validation in the EJB tier. I guess you are already aware that the standard JSR 303 validations already get validated in the EJB tier if you're on Java EE 6, right? Of course, you miss the extra options that ExtVal gives, but it's at least better than nothing.

    On a side note, there are situations where you don't want the exact same validation in both layers. E.g. a "warning" message (an extended feature of ExtVal) does not make much sense in the EJB tier.

    I hope this answers your question. Should you have more ExtVal-related questions, you could also ask them on the MyFaces user list.

    Best regards,

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