New ExtVal release

Last week, a new version of Apache MyFaces Extenstions Validator (ExtVal) was released. ExtVal is a validation framework that allows us to keep our (JSF) View layer free of any validation code and instead put our validation rules as annotations in the Model layer of our application. These annotations can either be JPA annotations, ExtVal annotations or JSR 303 (Bean Validation) annotations. Even a combination of different types of annotations is possible. JSR 303 support is added to ExtVal since last weeks release.

ExtVal is a relatively new framework. With this third release it has become even more versatile. With the addition of JSR 303 support, standardized annotations can now be used to define validation rules. While Bean Validation is only supported in the JSF standard from JSF 2.0 onwards, ExtVal allows us to use it already in our existing JSF 1.2-based projects. More information can be found on the ExtVal wiki, on the blog of Gerhard Petracek, lead developer of ExtVal, and of course in my recently published book: Apache MyFaces 1.2 Web Application Development. (It is good to know that the book was written using a snapshot build of ExtVal, so the features from last weeks release are already covered in the book.)

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